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"I'm only human and I'm not 'special' by any means, I've just done some extraordinary things. I've had to work hard to get to where I wanted to go, having pushed myself into areas where I have been very uncomfortable. But, you never know unless you give it a go, so it's worth taking those steps towards reaching your own goals."

Paul Vicary has led a discreet military career, spending his last 21 years with a Specialist Military Unit (SMU).  He has since carved out a career as a Mental Fitness Coach and a motivational speaker. He is also a Co-Founder and Director of a Mental Health Training Consultancy.

With many dangerous and exciting experiences behind him, it is time to step into the spotlight and tell his story. This is a story on many levels; a story of a man, of modern-day exploration, of teaching others to be resilient, and to cope with all that life throws at them; of digging deep and never giving up. Most importantly, it is a story of our time, our planet, and preserving what we have for future generations.

During his leadership workshops and keynote speaking sessions, Paul puts to use his incredible experiences on the battlefield as well as his physical and mental survival techniques in some of the planet's most extreme environments. Mental fitness and resilience are at the forefront of all that Paul does. He inspires and motivates others to reach their own poles.


Why choose Paul?

He has the experience, knowledge, and skills to match his topics - he has practiced what he preaches. Paul is the perfect choice to teach leadership skills and coping strategies or to simply motivate with his tales of adventure and danger. He delivers tailored workshops, walk and talk sessions, weekend events, keynote speeches, and bespoke courses. Paul is definitely not a run-of-the-mill speaker; you won't be disappointed!

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A distinguished military career, a record-setting explorer, adventurer and co-founder of a successful mental health training and consultancy business.


I have a desire for adventuring into the unknown, to push boundaries, and to challenge myself.


Through his incredible stories, Paul enables audiences to 'relive' every moment and empowers them to navigate their own

real life challenges.

His Geographic North Pole expedition in 2016 highlighted the devastating effects of climate change on the natural environment and ultimately on us as humans. But as Paul digs deeper into his own reserves and resilience, he teaches us more about our own strengths and weaknesses and new ways of tackling difficult situations, some of which may seem out of our control. His adventures, his story, and his humility weave themselves through his work as a Speaker, as an Author, and as a Mental Fitness Coach. 

This is a man you will want to listen to and to know more about.


Pre-order his forthcoming book to find out more about his incredible journey

Part Arctic environmental fact-finding mission, part historical recreation and part fundraising for good causes, the journey was much more than a just battle against the elements. The team had to deal with death, Putin, poisonings, and politics - before they even set foot on the ice! Paul saw first-hand what’s really happening to our planet, and with the help of a leading climate scientist, gives us fresh insights into how we can turn things around – for ourselves, for those we love, and the planet that sustains us. A great read and it will also help you reach your own North Pole.

Climate scientists are now predicting that the Arctic could be ice-free by 2058. The team’s aim was to capture the global significance of this remote region before it changed dramatically. The deteriorating conditions on the ice were to make this journey, quite literally, a ‘Race Against Time’.


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